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Vaccinations play a critical role in preventing serious diseases so children can stay healthy. By supplementing the body’s natural immunity to diseases and infections, vaccinations and immunizations are an important element of pediatric wellness care. As a leading pediatrician in Cedarhurst, New York, David Rosenberg offers a comprehensive array of immunizations for pediatric patients from newborns to teens at VIPediatrics.

Vaccinations/Immunizations Q & A

Why are vaccinations important for children?

Vaccinations are important for children as well as adults. Although the body has an innate or natural immune system developed before and soon after birth, it isn’t able to fight off all types of infections. Many of the infections and diseases for which the body has no natural immunity are very serious and life-threatening or can increase the risk of life-threatening complications. Vaccines help trigger the body’s natural immune response so it can develop an acquired immunity to diseases for which it has no natural immunity. Vaccines are available for many serious diseases, including measles, mumps, tetanus, flu, hepatitis, and chicken pox.

How do immunizations work?

Immunizations use a very small, highly diluted amount of the germ that causes specific infections and administers it to the bloodstream. The amount of the germ that’s used in a vaccine is not enough to cause infection, but it is enough to trigger an immune system response, causing the body to develop antibodies designed to battle that specific germ. Once the body produces the antibodies for a disease, it retains immunity against that disease for a certain period of time. Some vaccines produce immunities that last a lifetime, while others last a shorter period of time or need periodic “boosters” to maintain an optimal level of immunity.

Can immunizations make my child sick?

No. Vaccines either use “dead” germs or very small amounts of germs - too small to cause sickness. However, your child may develop mild flu-like symptoms including a low-grade fever or achiness in response to the body’s natural immune response. These side effects are temporary and occur as the body busies itself making antibodies to fight off infection. Other effects include localized swelling or tenderness around the site of the injection. A very few children may be allergic to some of the products used in developing a vaccine. For instance, because some flu vaccines use eggs during production, children who have egg allergies need a different type of flu vaccine to avoid allergic reactions.

How does Dr. Rosenberg know which vaccines my child needs?

Government health agencies maintain lists of recommended vaccines for both children and adults. Schools and other organizations may have additional requirements. Dr. Rosenberg keeps abreast of vaccine requirements to ensure children are fully immunized for optimal health and wellness.

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