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Physical exams provide you and your doctor with important information about your child’s health and development, and they can also help identify potential problems early so they can be treated right away. Plus, annual physicals ensure your child receives vaccinations necessary to ward off dangerous illnesses. At VIPediatrics in Cedarhurst, New York, top-ranked pediatrician Dr. David Rosenberg offers routine annual physical exams as well as sports physicals and physicals required by schools and other organizations.

Physical Exams Q & A

How often should my child have a physical exam?

Children need to have a physical exam every year, just as adults need to see their physicians for annual exams. Having routine pediatric care is important for identifying diseases as well as developmental issues that may be more common as the child grows. Plus, seeing a pediatrician on an annual basis ensure kids get the immunizations, medical screenings, and other health-related services aimed at helping them avoid catching and spreading diseases as well as enjoying better health and wellness. And finally, taking your child for annual physical exams helps establish a pattern of healthy behavior early in life so they can maintain better health throughout adulthood. A pediatrician can also perform physical exams necessary for sports and other organized activities.

Is it OK to take my child to our family doctor for a physical exam?

Family doctors or general practitioners can perform physical exams, but pediatricians have extensive specialized training in the diagnosing and treating diseases and developmental issues that are more likely to develop during childhood. Plus, because pediatricians focus solely on the medical and health needs of kids, they can provide critical guidance aimed at preventing disease and chronic conditions so kids can enjoy optimal health as they grow.

What happens during a physical exam?

Physical exams begin with a complete medical history to identify potential risk factors for diseases or developmental disorders, and kids (and depending on the child’s age, their parents) are asked about any symptoms or concerns they have. The nurse weighs and measures the child, then takes the child’s blood pressure. During the exam, Dr. Rosenberg listens to your child’s heart and lungs using a stethoscope and uses other instruments to look inside your child’s ears and mouth. Hearing and basic vision tests also may be performed. Dr. Rosenberg gently palpates (feel) the belly area, groin, and neck to check for tenderness or swelling. Joints and reflexes also may be evaluated, depending on the child’s age and needs. Dr. Rosenberg may recommend other evaluations like blood tests or urinalysis, and he may recommend and provide vaccinations. Finally, he’ll make time to answer any questions you or your child may have, as well as provide guidance about healthy eating and other important habits to help your child stay healthy.

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    "Short wait times, friendly staff, and patient caregivers are what you will find here. Dr. Rosenberg and his staff are the best choice for us."

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    "We absolutely adore Dr. Rosenberg! He is very thorough, and patient with my daughters; we always leave his office with a smile!"

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    "Short wait times, friendly staff, and patient caregivers are all you will find here."

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    "I have used a few pediatricians in the past with my children I will have to say I will never use another Doctor. I absolutely love Dr. Rosenberg and his staff."

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    "Dr. Rosenberg is awesome. He has a great sense of humor and the office runs very smoothly. There is never a wait and they're very accommodating of same-day sick visits!"

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